Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Office Space

**This one is dedicated to my coworkers. **

The building (at right c. 1936) located at 1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW was designed by Mirhan Mesrobian. Originally used as apartment space, the building converted to offices in 1942. The building is considered to be Moderne in style and features art deco embellishments on the outside.

The architect was an Armenian born immigrant, who moved to the United States and served as an in-house designer for real estate developer Henry Waldman. Other notable Mesrobian designs around Washington include the Hay-Adams Hotel and Sedgwick Gardens.

And that's about all I got on this building...feel free to comment if you have more info on Mesrobian or 1350 Connecticut.


  1. I once found a great book on Mirhan Mesrobian while writing a paper on the Hay Adams hotel. It is actually his daughter's (maybe granddaughter's) thesis and contains drawings of pretty much all of his projects in the city. Anyone can check it out at the Washingtonia division of MLK library in downtown DC!

  2. I need on that roof dammit...

    - Ed Scott

  3. It looks much better now than in the picture. Kind of an abomination without other large buildings around.

  4. I agree, which just goes to show that change in a city can often be for the better. It also points out that people were capable of eyesores 80 years, just as they are today.

  5. It's like a gigantic harmonica. Or the world's largest weatabix.